Six Sigma: A Methodology Required for Business Improvement


Six Sigma for Business Improvement

Six Sigma is a methodology for increasing the profit and bring success to the business. The main purpose of this methodology is to keep the customer happy and satisfied with the products. As we all know that for achieving success and set goals, one must have some planning and set programmes for them. This methodology worldwide famous. However, the popularity of Six Sigma programme is fading away as new programs and plans are being implemented. Even when many other more beneficial programs are there, Six Sigma still have its value in the market. There are some important analysis, statistical tools and measurements are involved in Six Sigma that improve your technique of achieving the set goals.

Six Sigma: When and Who Initiated It

In 1990s, only few companies were in favour of using this methodology but later on this became of the first choice of most of the companies.

The Six Sigma Black Belt – Don Buckingham, who is also the vice president of Operational Excellence at Epalign. He explains this term by giving an example. He says that the target of using Six Sigma is to achieve something in the middle of the task. Let’s say, if your target is to hit on the bull’s eye by dropping a ball from the top of your building to the ground level, where the bull’s eye is pictured. So in such as case, six sigma is such a methodology which let you achieve your goal which is hitting bull’s eye as many as times you can easier.

Six Sigma is a planning which includes few steps such as Analyse, Measure, Improve, Define and Control. Six Sigma is very important in order to shape up your business. If you’re not going well, then all you need is a Six Sigma methodology to apply. This methodology surely help your business to grow but also you cannot rely on this strategy completely. The Motorola is the first company which founded this methodology but General Electric made it popular in the market. The six Sigma program was started by Motorola in 1987 whereas the General Electric started this methodology in 1995. This method was made in order to improve the manufacturing processes by decreasing the number of defects. Following the Motorola and General Electric, later companies like Ford, Nissan, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson also used this methodology to improve their business. Six Sigma methodology ensures that you give less money and get much profits.

The important steps of Six Sigma must be done in a proper way, where you can define your target first, analysis the scope of success, measure the cost that it will encounter, improve your quality and then control the defects. This is how the Six Sigma works. This methodology was once the most reliable business strategies but later many other business methodology came in and this method started fading of. Now very less number of people use this methodology. Most of the people have the unrealistic expectations from their business and they believe by adopting such methods, they can actually work get the success remain just a part of your thought, if you use this methodology.

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