Account Of A CIO Of A Company And His Experience In Incorporating Devops In The Organization


DevOps in Organization

I joined Target as a CIO in the year 2015 and was utterly excited seeing the active grassroots movement of agile and DevOps among the team members. In my organization, there were many interested engineers as well as team members who were keen on working following the two approaches mentioned above.

The accelerated learning environment was a vital part of Target process which the team gave a name called ‘the Dojo.’ It was a six-week session where teams perform their normal task on-site with agile coaches from DevOps point of view. The Dojo has been remarkable in engaging the teams with DevOps and agile. For Target, it’s been a huge success. In the entire journey, we used Dojo continuously to reinforce, refine and strengthen the engineering capabilities.

What is DevOps?

Before I joined Target, it had teams promoting DevOps and agile. The movement was looking for support, and the organization was looking for guidance- to me, it was not at all a difficult task. I motivated the team for developing releases in an agile manner though releases in a controlled environment. The teams naturally become agiler as they became comfortable with the tools and process which support continuous integration and deployment.

DevOps Tools Training Online – Day 4 Git Repo Session – 3

In the DevOps journey, Target stands in such a position, to be precise, much further than I thought. We have been recognized by TechBeacon as well as other for our thought-leadership and effort in DevOps journey. I take the pride to claim that engineers of Target have embraced DevOps completely. We are focussing more on improving and working towards it as DevOps is about culture in large degree.

DevOps Tools Training – Puppet Day 2

DevOps is a constantly evolving process and fluid in nature. Practices will change just like some of the underlying technologies change. Thus, humankind needs to learn new things all the time. To be specific, for a long time we haven’t talked about containerization, but now it is a technical reality. When it comes to containerize your software, engineers need to learn new tools. Hence, it is a journey which continues.

It is imperative that the developers must have the skills and tools to stay in focus in the market, to be precise, must be in demand. According to me, what is difficult is containing the enthusiasm of the engineers. At Target, every quarter, a big meeting is held. Here, the Target engineers participate and petition for new products. We see in the meeting what are the unique things as well as the things that have the power of staying in the market for long. We have certain criteria to govern what we will adopt.  We constantly encourage our engineers to play and find out how we can leverage the greatest and latest.

DevOps Tools Training Online – Docker Training Day 2

What I have found in Target is the engineers are very much involved in the open source community. In both big as well as small ways the engineers are the major contributors to the projects. In the recent years, quite some DevOps tools have emerged from open source community. Engineers of Target spend a lot of time in learning new things, and they are aware of everything which is out.

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