Harnessing the Power of ITIL and Looking at Some of the Common Issues Faced by Gurus


It isn’t anymore just about being good at your job! It’s time for a wakeup call.

Up till now it has been the result that matter to everyone from senior most management to front level manager. It was all good as long as you delivered the results. No one ever really bothered about how the job was done. No doubt the situation was very encouraging for some of those reputed as last minute all-nighter or for those who are excellent in re-jiggering. Have you ever found yourself to be kind of blackbox that absorbed all the needs and produced results that meet those needs?

In fact there is lot that can be said about those skills, especially at the time of crisis as a means to get the way around the problem on a daily basis through slap-dash or jury-rig method. Yet approaches like these aren’t feasible or reliable all the time. What may have worked once, doesn’t guarantee it’s going to work all the time. The worst is going to hit when the person you know can get the things done leaves the company. If all that had matter to you till now was the result without really bothering how it has been done, then for sure you are out of luck. On the contrary, what if everything falls apart the other day? For example if he hits the wrong button and the entire thing to your surprise goes haywire. After all to err is human, isn’t it?

If we look at the heart of the entire problem, we can clearly see it all stemmed from the lack of professional approach employed. There should be a documented process describing method-of-working and the standard protocols that should be followed. In the absence of any such written document, everyone would choose to do the things their own way without really caring about the best practice. That’s the reason what makes ITIL so important. ITIL stands for Information, Technology Infrastructure Library. It lays down the basic framework within which a team or system is supposed to operate to identify, plan and deliver IT support services. ITIL system isn’t a creation of one man. It has evolved over years and has taken multitude of guru, ninjas and rock stars to bring it to its present form. Whatever be the kind of expert a person is, he might not know everything. So no single man’s work can be apt in all business situations and scenarios.

Many of institutes in India are providing training for ITIL Certification for all modules like Foundation, Intermediate (Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement, Service Offerings and Agreements, PPO, RCV, OSA, MALC) and Expert.

ITIL Process has been developed, refined and fine tuned by many professionals in various kind of business setup spreading across several sectors. This has resulted in processes, procedures, check-lists, tasks which collectively make it possible to integrate IT service aligned with the organization’s strategy, while delivering values with utmost standard of competency. It paves way to display your compliance ability and a proven method to measure improvements. Now that you have a clear picture of what ITIL is and how it can be used to benefit the organization at large let’s talk about its implementation. IBM Endpoint manager makes it breeze for your organization to plunge into the benefits of ITIL.

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Get success for your project with PRINCE2 Certification


PRINCE2 Certification is one of the methods in the market, training in which can render you with efficient skills in Project Management. It is the demand for better project management and execution that the PRINCE 2 came in to being with the help of the skilled executives present in the private sector companies. Once the procedure was constructed and tested for performance, it was within a very short time procured by the UK government as the most resourceful means of project management. The process is now used all over the world in both the private sector industries as well as the public sector industries for better evaluation and execution of projects.

Prince2 Certification in Hyderabad by SkillogicMisconceptions for PRINCE2:
People have a lot of misconceptions when question arises to appoint or take training in PRINCE2. Some of the more popular misconceptions that are thought to be as true by most people include-

•    PRINCE2 is only for Large Projects-

A lot of people carry on with the concept that the PRINCE2 techniques are only best suited to help with and execute larger projects.  Though it is great for producing big projects like elaborate manuals, descriptions, etc, it can also serve to produce and manoeuvre smaller projects. The PRINCE 2 is an advanced mode that can be tailored and structured as per the size of the project to execute the most efficient functions and results.

•    PRINCE2 only suitable for heavy duty work-

Industries for the last extensive fifteen years have been using PRINCE2 in a heavy handed manner. This not only stops the system from acquiring its optimum capability but also diminishes its level of sophistication.  Looking at the manual might provide you with the concept that the PRINCE2 system is more inclined towards being bureaucratic, but that is not the case. This is an example of the fact that there is inefficiency in tailoring the system to meet the current smaller projects in hand.

If these misconceptions can be met with, more and more people in smaller industries with smaller projects can also take the benefits of the PRINCE2.

Using PRINCE2 to increase the chances for success for your different projects:
To use the PRINCE2 most successfully, employment of an expert who has been trained in this respect is a must. The individual vested with PRINCE2 skills is the one who is employed as the Project Board Executive. It is he or she who has all the authority and the power that the PRINCE2 actions are executed and implemented in the right way and for the right cause. Considering three factors will help you get the most successful results to your projects. These factors are-

•    Planning according to the product or project
•    Deciphering the decision points and the control points of the project
•    Continuously reviewing the status and the progress of the project under the PRINCE2

Considering these three factors will help any professional use the PRINCE2 method to a degree where it will prove most beneficial to the project in hand.

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